Koi Fish

Mark loves to sketch and is quite talented at it. Sometimes if he has a sketch he particularly likes, he will scan it and color it on the computer, making it all fancy like this:

fish drawing

I really liked the image too, so I carved a leather keychain for a friend of it. She loved it. Leather carving is one of my favorite projects, so expect to see many more on this blog. I’ll try to get a step by step process blog on it soon too!


It’s amazing what you can think of with one image or idea. Next thing you know, it’s halloween and we’re carving pumpkins…


I actually got my wood carving tools out to make this pumpkin, so fun! My friends thought I was crazy, they were all socializing while casually carving (which maybe I should put slightly more effort into socializing sometimes too) and I was in the corner so engrossed in carving I think I kept going an hour after everyone else had finished. Here’s another pumpkin Mark and I made the year before, while we’re on the topic of pumpkins. Sadly, someone dropped him on the garage floor before he got entered into our contest at work. But at least we got a photo!



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