Concrete Grey and Safety Cone Orange

When we moved to this house we were 8 months pregnant with our son. His room was far from ready, the walls were blue and pink with yellow trim.


First step was to paint, I’m not sure the real names but we referred to the colors as concrete grey and safety cone orange, since we were going with a motorcycle/transportation theme.


We didn’t want the room decor to scream baby, so we tried to use items we already had or could make, also coming from a budget standpoint. A friend gave us their old white changing table, but with a couple cans of spray paint and some homemade stencils (cut contact paper and masking tape) it was right on theme.


I even painted some 76’s on knobs one evening while timing contractions. They went on the changing table, and the larger ones on the closet door.


We modge-podged a large map we had printed onto an old beat up cork board we had laying around, and slapped a thin layer of blue paint on top so you could still see the faint outline of the states. We used sewing pins and embroidery thread to remember places we have travelled. The frame to a mirror that goes with Marks grandmothers dresser (which we no longer have) was a perfect finish.



The mobile we made out of 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper and a couple brads. Time consuming to cut all the paper into strips, but super simple concept. Here’s the view from the crib:


License plates from old vehicles in the family, a 76 tin we somehow already had, and a rug from target, two pages from a motorcycle calendar stuck in frames… All in all, I’d say the room was a huge success, it was a long time favorite of mine in the house. Well and the baby loved it of course




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