Basketballs and Elephants

During the process of getting ready for baby #2 and putting her nursery together, I wanted to make something new for our son as well. I decided on a quilt for when he transitions to his toddler bed. After about 10 trips to the fabric store to browse prints, we came up with a ball and elephant theme, two of our son’s favorite things right now. Here’s the sketch we started with to get a general idea.


I did some research online because I’ve never made a quilt before, and before I cut any fabric I planned it all out in CAD (ha, there’s our architecture background coming out).


A couple of the fabrics we were using weren’t as wide as the quilt, that’s why I spliced them together in some places. I cut everything out sprawled on the floor using a t-square, chalk, and scissors, sewed the pieces together, then laid them back out on the ground and assembled the front, back, and batting using quilting adhesive spray instead of pins. I used painters tape to mark where I would stitch it all together, and drew my rounded paths to sew using chalk. My new noisy walking foot attachment to the sewing machine helped me evenly sew the layers together. Then I machine stitched the bias tape around the edge and tada! Our son loves it, asks to get it out all the time to play on, dances on the big orange balls, and throws his hand up in the air to make elephant noises. Lately we have made a lot of tents with it too. Another couple months and he might be ready to use it on his bed! Mark hopes he brings it to college, ha.


IMG_5144a IMG_5148




Overall I am thrilled with it, and while it was a little time consuming, it wasn’t that hard. Probably because I planned it out so well, I can see it being really frustrating if I had accidentally cut a piece the wrong size, or had to rip out a lot of stitching somewhere.


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