Leather Carving

So years ago my mom gave me some leather carving tools and a big sheet of leather for Christmas.  It took me a couple years to actually sit down and do something with it, but I love it!  I started out making a couple bracelets here and there, like this one for my friend who loves water and the ocean.


Then I made a portfolio for Mark to hold his blank paper for sketching.  I let him draw what he wanted me to carve, and of course after about 30 different ideas he came up with something so elaborate it took me weeks and weeks.  But this is a dragon and a bird wrapping around to the other side where there’s another similar dragon and bird.




Then I made him an ipad case with a ranunculus flower from our wedding, and a stitched “A” for our last name:



Such a fun hobby, lots more to come along these lines!  Anyone else have a not so common craft skill?  Well I don’t think carving leather is too common but I could be wrong, so what’s your favorite thing to make if you carve leather?


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