Big Boy Room

Okay, I have a couple more overview posts of things we have done in the past where I wont get to terribly detailed about the process, just catching up since I should have made this blog 5 years ago…

The Big Boy Room. We moved our son to the guest room because it’s bigger and has more room for toys, and made his old room the nursery for the baby girl (post coming soon!). It similar to his nursery because we wanted him to recognize it as his, and he can be such a horrible sleeper at times, although moving him was not as big of a deal as I was expecting it to be. I mean two rough nights, and then he was fine, thank goodness. Here’s the room when we moved in. Not really us.


We painted it a blue/grey with white wainscoting. I love the wainscoting, but it was a pain to paint so the lime green didn’t show through the cracks. We added super heroes (metal tins and a couple framed magazine posters), and an old soccer poster of Mark’s above the crib. We didn’t hang anything above the crib before in case it fell off on top of the baby, but this one is just foam board, we attached it pretty well, and he’s not a delicate newborn anymore. You can even see Clifford in the crib, his new favorite toy.


We also made a valance from foam board to help block the sun in the curved part of the window in hopes that it would help with naps. Didn’t really, but we covered it with old comic book pictures and it looks fun.


The dresser is one my dad got and stained himself for my sister and I when we were babies, so it’s very special to me. I’m amazed how good of shape it still is in after being in a house with 4 kids for 20+ years, good job mom (and us!).


The toy shelf we bought online on Black Friday for it’s practicality, we found it really helps for him to be able to see his toy options and not have to pull every single thing out of a chest.

Have you transitioned a baby’s room recently? I’d love to see what you came up with!


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