Leather iPad Case

My first commission! Another iPad case. This one has an image of wood grain for the detail, I think it turned out pretty cool.


Here’s the steps I took to make it, not intended to be a tutorial but just an overview for all those people who ask me, “how did you make that?!” I’m sure some of the stuff I do isn’t exactly textbook… so please don’t feel the need to point out how I’m doing everything wrong if you know the correct way. I mean I’m open to advice, just don’t be too hard on me 🙂

First I measure the pieces I need and cut them out from a big sheet.

photo 1 (2)

Then I got the leather wet and hammered this fork looking tool everywhere I plan to sew it to poke holes. Guess this isn’t the best hobby when you have two kids under two because this step is REALLY loud. I did it in the backyard after they were in bed by citronella candle, but I can’t say it helped all that much with the mosquitoes, and it definitely didn’t help with the 100 degree weather… whew!

photo 1

I get the piece with the detail wet again, and use this fancy swivel knife to cut the pattern. This is when it really starts looking neat.
photo 2

Then with a series of other small tools I hammer down certain spots and give texture to others. For this piece i used the two tools on the right.


I give it a couple coats of stain. Here I used several colors and gradients to highlight the design and strap.

photo 5

A light coat of protective finish, then I saddle stitch it all together. Ha, sounds so easy, sewing it up takes me hours. This leather was thicker than the last one I made, so I literally had blisters on my fingers from pushing the giant needle and waxed thread through those tiny holes I punched earlier. But totally worth it, because in the end you get this beauty. Hope it’s a hit!






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