Empty Frame Update

So remember that empty frame in our baby girls room?


No longer empty!


We cut some birdhouses out of chipboard (I figured after all the models I made in architecture school I could make a couple birdhouses…)


Glued them together


Covered them with scrapbook paper and vinyl wall covering samples, embellished with buttons, paper flowers, and twigs from the yard


Sewed a bird, and hung them all up In the frame! I used fabric matching the bedding i sewed for her. The bird is kinda just stuck up there right now, couldn’t decide on the best spot for him. Bottom of the frame, top of the frame, on the blue wood birdhouse perhaps? Suggestions?



5 thoughts on “Empty Frame Update

  1. I love that!!! The birdhouses are all so unique but look so good together. How is your cute little bird ever going to choose? It might be fun to move her around to different houses while your little one is sleeping and see how long it takes her to notice. This probably wouldn’t work until she was 2-3, but it might be fun for you in the meantime. 🙂


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