Who’s Hiding in the Garden?

It’s September, and although it was 98 degrees outside today, I just know cooler weather is around the corner. Fall gets me thinking about our sons second birthday coming up next month. Last year he dressed up as a gnome for Halloween, so we continued the theme to his first birthday party. Here’s the invitation Mark made last year:


He drew the gnomes and cupcake, scanned them, and colored in photoshop. Oh right, the reason our son even dressed up as a gnome for Halloween is because Mark has a crazy Tom Clark gnome collection, with too many to count, I’m talking like a hundred too many. Check out the top of our bookshelves. And this isn’t even 1/4 of them.


Seriously, they’re everywhere. We have two sitting on a windowsill above our front door and I thought we had a bird in the house for a month whenever I’d see them out of the corner of my eye…


But no, I love the gnomes really, i just think they’re also hilarious. So back to last years birthday party… We put our son’s gnome Halloween costume that I made on a stuffed lion to greet the guests at the front door.


We had some games set up in the backyard for his little friends, garden games if you will. We made a cardboard box tunnel with fabric strips hanging through that we spray painted to look like a fallen log.we also made a bean bag toss, the target was a tree painted on foam board with a couple holes in it, and the bean bags were gnomes. I wish I had taken more pictures, but we still have the bean bags. I just filled them with dried pinto beans.


I made the backs different in case we came up with games later on where we needed to know which bean bag belonged to which person. Plus they’re just more fun that way!

So I guess now its time to think of a theme for his second birthday… Probably will be kind of low key with just a few little friends over to play I hope. First birthday is kind of a big deal to me, but I don’t thin it needs to be extravagant every year, especially when he’s too young to even remember it. Growing up I was completely happy to have a couple friends over to swim (yey for summer birthdays) and blow a candle out on a cake. But at least the cake/cupcakes/cookies/whatever I decide to bake can be themed without going overboard, right?!
Have you thrown a birthday party for your kids lately? What was it like? What was their favorite part about it?


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