Too Many birds?

I keep meaning to post, but it’s been a busy couple weeks here! Mark took vacation last week which was so refreshing. We even got to visit family out of town for a couple days and had an absolute blast. But after any staycation/vacation week there’s always extra laundry and grocery shopping and unpacking and doing all those things you didn’t get around to when you were gone or just playing at the splash park instead. So instead of blogging, I made sure we had unexpired milk in the fridge first , and stuff like that 🙂

One of the things we didn’t like about the house when we moved in was this valance in the living room. We thought about removing it and the gold curtains and putting up some wide slat nice blinds, but the combination of the arched top and how wide the window is didn’t make that practical.


I decided to recover the valance to see if that would help, and I had been eyeing this upholstery fabric at Joann’s for a while. I just cut it a little bigger than the valance, turned it over the edges, pulled it tight, and used a staple gun on the back. Would have been easier if my staple gun want so finicky…


Lucky me it just happened to have a gold to tie into the curtains!


I made two pillows for our chairs to tie in the fabric some more. I like the button detail on them.


And then we had fun making some artwork too. We cut out the birds and some random red fabric we had, and used spray adhesive to mount them to chipboard. We hung them on the wire that used to hang the frame, and the hearts are hanging by thread.


And now I shockingly like the gold curtains!

Have you used upholstery fabric before? What did you make?


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