Not a purse

With two kids under two, there’s a lot of diapers. And changes of clothes and snacks and toys and blankets and crayons and books and wipes and sippy cups and a whole lot of things that go into the diaper bag. I don’t like carrying it, because let’s face it, anytime we are out there is most likely a moment I’m carrying two kids and it gets in the way. Sometimes I can risk leaving it in the car and pray there’s no diaper blowout, but then what do I do with my wallet, keys, and phone? That’s too much for pockets. So the other night I sewed a “not a purse” for myself!


I used things I already had, on hand some thicker almost canvas like material, an orange zipper, and some bias tape leftover from the quilt. I know how to sew a zipper correctly, but in this instance I wanted to see more of the orange so I sewed the fabric to the underside of the zipper. I made it a little bigger than I needed, just in case I decide to carry diapers and wipes in it at some point. I accidentally made the blue bias tape loop too long, so I added a knot. I like how the knot looks, but it’s also practical because I can clip a carabiner in it, and clip it to my beco Gemini baby carrier (which I LOVE). Now I’m looking forward to an outing without the giant diaper bag in tow!

How do you deal with your diaper bag? I’m wondering if there’s another good solution to this, or if the best solution is wait 2 1/2 more years and they’ll be out of diapers already!


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