Fooled ya!

A couple years ago we got to go to Disneyland on Christmas with family. The park was crazy crowded, and with some bad timing on which lines we stood in (one got closed halfway through because an animal got loose, another closed for a parade) we ended up only getting to go on one ride. Oh well, now we know to not go again on Christmas! Well for the niece and nephews to understand that the trip to Disneyland was a Christmas present from Mimi and Pa, Mark whipped up some fake “tickets” to put in their stockings. Look pretty realistic, huh? On the drive there our 4 year old niece was concerned we forgot to bring the tickets. Apparently it fooled more than small children, when my roommate at the time called me frantically saying we forgot our tickets on the kitchen table and was it going to ruin our vacation that we couldn’t get in without them?


I like that even the ticket number is the date we went. Such attention to detail…


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