Our backyard had a small concrete patio, and a nice white rock path leading to the gate when we moved. The patio area was just so small though.  Here’s a before shot:


We wanted a bigger area for seating and riding bikes and drawing with chalk, so one weekend while Marks parents were visiting he and his dad got to work. It started with digging out some grass, and all the bushes up against the house.


We mapped it all out, being the architects that we are, and picked up some 48″x48″ concrete squares from lowes, a couple 24″x24″ and some hardening paver sand. Ha, sounds so easy, but it involved renting a truck because they were so heavy. They leveled the ground, added a layer of sand, laid the giant heavy squares, and put the hardening paver sand in the joints. That stuff is awesome, it keeps weeds from growing in between the tiles, and is really easy to put down. We had some extra of the small white rocks to we put along the border to tie in the walkway.


The chairs are from either Home Depot or Lowes, can’t remember but we’ve had them forever. We spray painted them red and they look brand new. Seat cushions and side table from garden ridge, rooster from Ross, a citronella candle, and we’re in business!

Here’s a couple more after shots, looks more lived in with the flowers and toys…

photo 2 photo 3


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