Repurposed gift paper

Gift wrapping is almost an art these days, which sure the presents look so nice, but then what? We crumple up the wrapping paper and throw it away, or carefully smooth out the tissue paper and store it and the gift bag for when you next need to give 17 “it’s a boy” gifts to someone. I’m not complaining because I am extremely grateful for the generosity and thoughts of friends and family over the past few years, but between our wedding, a baby boy, and a baby girl, we have gift wrap for most any occasion because we are the smooth and save type. You can only store so much gift wrapping materials, which led me to try to think of other uses. Wait, can you double bag gifts? Not sure how that would be taken… Anyways, here is a greeting card made from some adorable wrapping paper from my aunt in California. I modge-podged the bird to a thin piece of chipboard, cut it out, and glued it to a scrap of paper and ribbon I had.

Do you have any more ideas of what to do with gift wrap/bags? Seriously, I need more ideas. I might be eyeing family members presents suspiciously this Christmas, but don’t worry, I’ll probably only want to steal the paper off it.


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