Plaster hands

Growing up my mom had these plaster hands of each of us kids sitting on this big wood cabinet/shelf/display piece of furniture thing. They sat in front of the respective child’s yearly portrait. And we were not allowed to touch them, probably a good rule, because knowing me they’d most likely be shattered by now. But I thought they were the neatest thing ever and knew I wanted some for my kids too. Well we got the kit and when each kid was about 6 weeks we made the plaster hand (took two tries to get it right) but since I don’t have a giant piece of furniture just waiting to display little plaster hands, we had to think of a way to show them off, but keep them out of reach of the little guys. Well we found two metal wall shelves from The Container Store, which I just went to go find the link only to find out they no longer sell it. 😦 Guess we can’t have anymore kids… (kidding!) Check it out.

I love how it frames the hand. We set each hand on a small box for better visibility and to center it in the frame, since they’re hung at about 6 feet above the floor. We also put the rosary each of them received from a friend at their baptism with it. They look really nice with the collection of picture frames we have them with I think.

FYI, No we don’t actually have Disney characters framed on our wall (not in this room anyways) but we try to keep pictures of the kids off this blog. Here’s another angle.

Does anyone else have a good way to display something 3D like this?


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