Ice storm

Well we had a giant ice storm two days ago, we got about 3″ of sleet and ice. Two days and counting without leaving the house, but instead of any crafting I’m having too much fun playing in the ice with the kiddos, and drinking hot chocolate and watching the fire. Oh and cleaning, we even with through the junk drawer today! Ha it has been great. Here’s some pictures of the fun stuff.








I guess we did do a little creating, I was giving our little guy ice rides on a frisbee, when mark used an old piece of foam board and rope to make a “sled” to slide down the driveway hill. It held up pretty well so far but is starting to get a little torn up. Man I think snow days were one of the highlights of my childhood! I still remember my dad pulling us down the neighbor’s driveway hill on his real sled. 🙂
I know I’ve not really been on top of blogging lately, I’m going to try to start getting posts out more regularly again soon. I actually have a couple projects to write about, but haven’t taken pictures of them yet because 1. Mark wears one of them to work every day, but 2. I actually I just need more batteries for my camera. Soon.


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