Wedding card

So I’m in a wedding this weekend, and I’m only posting this beforehand because I’m assuming the bride and groom are too busy with last minute details to find and read our blog… I always like handmade cards, and have a thing against paying for greeting cards actually, I’m probably too cheap but is rather out that $3.99 towards the gift. So I used a blank card and some 3d silver glittery paint and voila!

I saw the pattern I think on a wallpaper and it stuck with me. First I outlined the main part of the pattern, then filled it in. It’s nice because it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, almost adds to the charm.


The whole thing took about 10 minutes then I let it dry overnight before writing inside and putting it in the envelope. I love how the paint is 3d and adds even more texture to the pattern! Hope they like it as much as I do.




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