Snowman ornament

Merry Christmas everyone! I have a couple posts coming up of gifts we made this year, but can’t publish them until we have had the chance to give them all this weekend. So keep an eye out, they might be leather…
In the meantime here’s an ornament we made back in 2008. It was a plain glass globe we spray painted, added glitter, half of a baby sock and ribbon for the hat, and then you can tell we didn’t have kids then because yes, I hand formed the individual coal and carrots from clay, baked them, and painted them. I think we gave these to family that year so it’s not even like we made just one. Man, what I could do with that kind of free time these days… Anyways, we made the hanger with wire and put a bell on top for fun. It’s still one of my favorite ornaments!


So happy.


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