A Vacation of Building

Well Mark took this week off for vacation, and although we didn’t go anywhere we sure were busy! We started a million projects, most of which are only halfway finished so we’ll be plenty busy for the upcoming month. And then we built things with our little guy. He got a toy tool kit for Christmas and he is obsessed! It started out simple, a garage for all his trucks and cars out of cardboard boxes. And yes his tools were used in the making of all of this…

Then we made churches with the wooden blocks. His favorite part were the ramps and steps, making the toy story aliens go inside to sing happy birthday to Jesus, and staging daring fire rescues.


Back to cardboard blocks to build another church and we had to make a door with a keyhole. So the funny part here is that our son is the one stuck on the fact that it has to be a church, when Mark and I both actually design churches for work. Not sure he’s picked up on that yet, but maybe he’s made the connection.

Then we assembled a step stool for his bathroom, a bookcase for our office, disassembled a wobbly old red ikea chair. By then our little guy was hammering and sawing and drilling everything he could get his hands on, so mark decided to use some scraps to build him a work table he could hammer away on instead of the walls.

Two of the table legs are made from an old closet rod, two from said disassembled wobbly old red ikea chair, and the top is a piece of breadboard we had in the garage. Well he kept trying to turn it upside down to build it more so we figured it needed something else too. Mark cut a 2×4 and drilled some holes for his toy nails and screws, and started a couple spots to saw. He would like me to point out that the only power tool we have is a drill, so everything was hand sawed!

Seriously, our 2 year old was so excited about all this he was jumping up and down, running through the house. He’s been playing with it all day, including bringing it into his room to play by himself for THE FIRST TIME EVER to not need attention while I was putting the baby down. It’s a miracle. (We put felt feet on the bottom pretty quickly once we realized he would be dragging it around the house to build in all the different rooms.)




Hope it keeps him busy for a long time to come and he doesn’t saw the wall again!


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