Another Clock

So we saw Mark’s Spider-Man clock here like a year ago, but here’s part 2 of that post…
I wanted to make a clock too, but instead of buying another one to paint, I just bought the make your own clock kit from hobby lobby. I drilled a hole in an old frisbee, and installed the clock kit after I painted it. I took the design from a plate we use to hold jewelry, Chapstick, etc. so can’t claim that as my own.


Clocks are fun, I should make more as gifts! Any good ideas of other found objects you could turn into a clock? Too bad I don’t live near an ocean, I bet a big piece of California driftwood would make an awesome clock above the mantle or something. Hmm ok I’m going to go look some of those up online, will bring back memories of childhood vacations to see family I bet…


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