Tshirt pillow

Going through your closet you always find things you never wear anymore, but just can’t bring yourself to get rid of. Like this Harley XL sweatshirt. We cut out the logo, and cut two additional squares out of an orange tshirt. Mark wanted me to quilt the orange backside, I wasn’t quite sure it was worth the effort at first, but I told him if he could think of an exciting enough pattern then I would do it. He came up with one of course because he’s creative like that. It’s an awesome tire tread. Once it was finished I realized quilting the back, because the batting between the two layers of tshirt give it a thicker back, similar to the thick sweatshirt on the front. I added a zipper along the bottom so we can take out the pillow and wash it, because these days it will inevitably get chewed goldfish smeared across the front of it…





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