Hide all the toys!

Just kidding, I don’t think a house should hide all the toys/proof of who lives there. But I like having a system and a place to put everything. So back at Christmas we did some purging and reorganizing of everything. We made a trip to ikea and bought 4 doors to go on our Billy bookcase in the living room/play room. They function SO well, for the most part the kids just play with what’s out and I can swap things day to day. But they were so dark and plain, we just had to do something to them of course.
Okay here’s the before photo, with various toys and baskets and books… So busy, and tempting to pull all the things off at once!

And here’s the after:

(Side note, like the bunting? Our two year old made it! Here’s where I found instructions.)
We wanted to mimic the look of the punched tins on our pie safe, but keep it relatively cheap and not spend hours and hours on it. We bought this paintable embossed wallpaper, you guys I had never heard of this stuff before but it is awesome! We cut it to size and applied it to each door, it already has the glue on it even.

After it dried we taped it off with painters tape and spray painted it with this metallic spray paint.

It looked okay, but there wasn’t much depth to it, and it didn’t look at all copper-y. So we mixed up a reddish brown in acrylic paint and added a coat, then highlighed with a black and teal mix. We will probably clear coat it this weekend to make sure it holds up. But THIS is the look I was hoping for!



What do you think?! Now we need to decide what kind of knobs or pulls we want to add to each door. Man I just sit in that room and feel fancy now. Ha, sit for 30 seconds before I have to go chase a kid again that is 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hide all the toys!

  1. I love it! looks amazing! We talked about getting doors for the bookshelf we have in the entry hallway but we haven’t done it… 😦 now that I have seen yours maybe I should!


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