Sewing cupcakes

Our little guy has been REALLY big into cupcakes lately. He even plays a game on the iPad where all you do is bake, frost, decorate, and eat them (thanks Mimi!). We got two from the bakery the other day to bring home, and they came in a box that holds 4, he pretended to bake and frost cupcakes for about an hour that evening. He had the paper liner and a ball, it was too cute he even licked the icing spatula after spreading the imaginary icing on each one. Well with a one year old I knew the paper liners weren’t going to last long, one is already torn, so I sewed a couple cupcakes last night for him. Mark told me “make sure you sew the liner and then the cupcake,” which I thought was an obvious statement, but he meant sew them separately so he can put the cupcake in, like the actual baking process. Well I sewed the first one all one piece, and then made the next one where you can take it out. I’ve got to get some more felt to make two more, he has requested an orange one and another blue one.


I’ll post more photos and maybe the pattern piece shapes I figured out once I make the rest.


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