Happy birthday baby!

Well our little girl turned one last month. We threw her a party but it was just us and grandparents, we wanted to keep it small. Being so close to Easter rabbits were an easy theme, but she also loves them and says “hop hop hop” whenever she sees one. The cupcakes were a Pinterest find, everything edible except foam for the ears. (Mark requested one without chocolate, that’s why there’s a creepy blue eyed one.)

We put one of her newborn onsies and pink skirt on the stuffed rabbit our son made at build a bear for her at Christmas. We made an 8″ round cake with some flowers piped in top thinking she would eat that one, but she flipped out and wanted a cupcake instead. More cake for us, I’m not complaining, just flattered she liked the cupcakes so much. šŸ™‚


We had some flowers, I used a bunch of tissue paper from our stash collected over the years for the multiple colored Pom poms, party hats, Easter rabbit paper cups, and a bunch of target clearance melamine plastic plates from target we got a while ago for when she starts playing with tea sets.
We had a great time, and more importantly so did she! I mean hard not to when you get a giant bouncy ball and a slide…


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