Pizza Pizza!

Our two year old is obsessed with pizza. More specifically a restaurant called Pie Five, which he calls “High Five.” We literally go there every weekend, thankfully we like it too. Well today we got an extra box to bring home, and made him some play food out of felt to build his own pizza just how he likes it. This weird kid loves ham, pineapple, mushrooms, and olives, and I mean TONS of them, he doesn’t eat the crust no matter how we try to convince him, just the toppings.

To make the crust I sewed two pieces of felt together, cut out a circle, folded the crust over twice and tacked it down with embroidery thread. The cheese we cut strips and tacked together into three groups, hoping it helps the million piece toy not find its way spread around the house. Here’s the pieces pulled apart so you can see all the components.

We will show him in the morning, I’m sure he will be ecstatic. And you never know, maybe it will help fulfill his pizza demand and we will only have to go to “High Five” every other week…



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