Painting with the Kids

It’s not often I paint with the kids, but we did some watercolors today. It’s just hard because it holds their attention for about 10 minutes but is SUCH a mess. I feel bad we don’t more often, but our 2 year old knows we have 5 kinds of paint and wants to use them ALL. Thankfully today he was okay with only two kinds. Well he drew a picture of Mark today, here it is.

I think it is AMAZING for 2 1/2 years old. Hear me out, I might just be shamelessly bragging because no matter what he does I’m proud, but I’m hoping he has inherited some artistic ability too. Okay so why I’m amazed is we don’t draw like this often, but he told me what he was painting as he went, so here’s some help for you to see it.

The fact that the nose and mouth and hair and everything are in position relative to each other, and even somewhat the same shape, ha, I’m just proud. We should probably draw more often. If only the little one wouldn’t throw all the markers around the room and eat them and draw on things…


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