Reupholstered chair

Well this one goes to the longest project ever… It seriously should have not taken us this long! But last December Mark’s parents brought us a needlepoint chair that his Great Aunt sewed.

We decided to recover it, pulled the needlepoint off, and proceeded to look for fabric for months that we like. We even bought some, changed our minds, found some more, and now mark tells me this is just a temporary fix until we find what we really like. Ha, I tell him I’m not helping if he wants to recover it again.

We aren’t crazy about the yellow trim, but oh well. Let’s see, we used tack nails to get the fabric on, it was pretty tedious, tried staples at first but they didn’t hold. We reused a lot of the nails that were holding the needlepoint on. We used the cover your own button kit from Joann’s for the back, and fabric glue to hold the trim. So literally we dragged out this project so long I have memories of wearing a jacket and gloves in the garage working on this, as well as sweating in 100 degree weather while hammering away.


We actually still have a little work to do, we re-stained the wood on the footrest but still need to do the chair. It probably would have been smartest to do this first, but the wood got a few scratches from the hammer that we were able to cover this way, just tricky to not get stain on the fabric or trim.

I still think the trim is kind of flashy, but it fits the room much better than before, and sure beats looking at a half finished chair with stuffing falling out of it every day so I’m happy.


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