Another Luggage Tag

Another great friend from college got married in Colorado last month. She and her husband lived on opposite sides of the US for quite a while when they were dating before moving to Colorado (I can’t imagine!), so I chose to carve the mountain range at Estes Park where they got married since I’m sure for many reasons the state will always be special to them. They also both really like outdoor activities.



I almost put some clouds in the sky until I remembered she has a phd in meteorology and I probably would put the wrong kind in. Also it would have made it too busy…
Oh I almost forgot, here’s a progress shot just before the stain went on.


I gave them a neat photo frame too because you never can have enough of those, when you get all your wedding photos back from the photographer. Instead of the cheesy photo it comes with I drew a D for their now shared last name, cut it out, and glued it to a patterned paper.

Best wishes you too for a long and happy life together!



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