A Gnome’s Pet Snail

We brought home a new gnome after a trip to Garden Ridge today. (If you want to hear more about Mark’s gnome obsession read here.)


orig_2Well this new gnome was holding a snail if you can’t tell, but Mark decided he was somewhat dull and painted him to look like Turbo. Ha we haven’t actually seen the movie yet, but our 2 year old was obsessed with watching the preview for a while. Also when I worked at summer camp for years in college my camp name was Turbo. So yeah, we probably should see this movie. Especially now that our gnome has a pet Turbo…




Photo Sep 01, 8 04 17 PMMark also painted the gnome’s eyes to give them a little more life, they used to be solid black. He used acrylic paint, but we will be sure to give it a clear coat of protective varnish if he moves outside. For now he’s trying out a couple spots around the house to see where he likes best.



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