Gnome Place Like Home

Back when we were first daring my husband and I got each other gnomes for Christmas (not accidentally, it was planned, we saw them together and decided that would be our present). They stayed inside for a few years at the apartment, but have been outdoors for the past three and have faded fast.
They’re in the front yard now after being super glued back together as many times as I think they can take (thanks curious toddlers) so just all around not in good shape. Well we have no fix for the cracks and holes, but mark gave them a fresh coat of paint and they look SO much better! It’s one of those “you didn’t realize how bad they looked until you fixed them” moments. He even got a kiss on the cheek.




They just look like they’re at home again.
Have you painted anything lately that’s just seemed to give your project new life?


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