We All Knew This Day Would Come…

We all knew the day would come when we decked out our little ones with leather bracelets of their own. Our almost 3 yr old was very interested in some bracelets I was making the other day, so I made him one during his nap.

airplane IMG_6726a


Well when he woke up and I showed him, he was silent for a bit looking at it, then asked for a vitamin, so I could tell he wasn’t impressed. I asked him what he would rather have on his bracelet and he said “A blue and white trash truck with no arms, one orange stripe, and a trash can with a wheel and some trash.”  Ha no wonder I didn’t get it right the first time, so particular! Well next nap we made this:

trash truck bracelet photo (8)


photo (9)

He was thrilled! Wears it all day and tells me throughout the day how much he likes it. This kid cracks me up. We made one for little sister too, and she loves it as long as she doesn’t have to wear it. Basically just carries it around the house.

IMG_6759a IMG_6740

Other exciting news, the reason I was making bracelets is my friend Dayna at http://kindakrunchy.net/ asked me to join her at the Harvest Vendor and Craft Fair this Saturday, so I have frantically been making bracelets all week to sell and be worn as Diffuser Bracelets with her Young Living Essential Oils. If you’re in the DFW area, come check us out! I’ll blog again next week letting you know how it went, and showing some of the new leather items we’ve been working on.

harvest craft fair


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