UPDATE: Etsy shop is open!

An etsy shop featuring my leather bracelets! Well, almost announcing, it’ll be up and running in a couple days.

Last week my friend Dayna asked me if I wanted to sell some of my bracelets at a craft fair with her where she would be selling Young Living Essential Oils. You can put a couple drops on the inside of the leather bracelet for aromatic and topical benefits all day, which is especially useful when you’re sending your kids to school, or wanting to reduce the number of applications throughout the day. You can also wear a leather bracelet as a fashion statement, I have been for years, even before I knew what essential oils were.

So all week long I made leather bracelets at every spare moment while the kids were sleeping. They turned out wonderful, I couldn’t be prouder. I sold a handful, but have some exciting leads, and most importantly the push to finally open the etsy shop I’ve been dreaming about creating.

photo 2

photo 3

Here’s a preview of some of the designs that will be in my etsy shop, hopefully in the next couple days I’ll have it ready to go.


If you’re interested in seeing the process of how I hand-tool the leather, check out this post.

So please, check back in a few days and I’ll have up some more information about how to order one. They would make a great Christmas present too, after you get one for yourself of course.



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