Watch Out, New Driver in Town…

Our kids are obsessed with “driving” our car, and by driving I mean sitting in the drivers seat  in the garage for hours on end if we’d let them. Our two year old even brought a toy saw with him in the car yesterday as his steering wheel, so I figured it was time to make him one.

He was adamant that the horn honk, so I duct taped a board book we had that has a big yellow squeaker on its front (that’s why I didn’t cut openings in the steering wheel, you would just see the book behind). I cut out a super thick piece of chipboard, drew with a marker while both kids were trying to “help” so it’s not as perfect as I would like. But Mark colored it up with his colored pencils when he got home, our son wanted it all blue, but we made him pick a few other colors for the buttons.


He loves it and was super excited to go on a drive today. I was too, until he began telling me which way I had to turn the whole drive to the grocery store…


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