Homemade yard tools for kids

A long time ago our son identified his push cart from ikea as his lawnmower. He puts it in the back of his little tikes truck and drives around the hard till he gets to whoever’s yard he is going to mow. He has been using sticks for edgers and blowers, often I am edging or blowing with a stick waving at neighbors as he mows. A few weeks ago Mark cut an edger out of some gator board and it was a big hit. Unfortunately it keeps getting stepped on so it’s covered in gummy bear duct tape, but he still loves it and informed us last week he only needs a blower. Well this weekend we made him a blower so now he has a complete set!
The backpack is felt with ribbons for straps, an old sock connects to the blower portion which is a cardboard tube.

The handle is a wood dowel covered in felt and duct tape.


Mark grabbed a few paint samples for his leaves, and this 3 yr old is in yard work heaven. We were glad to not pay $30 per piece, happy to handmake and encourage creativity, and hopefully won’t be too embarrassed when he wears all this random getup in the front yard… 🙂

IMG_1626.JPGSee the saw Mark made next here.


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