Leather Christmas Ornament

Merry Christmas! I love this holiday.  We’ve been to church, seen family, opened presents, and kids are napping so I’ve got a few minutes to share something I made with you.  I’ll have more leather projects in the next few days to share, as soon as the gifts are given and I have time to write again… but I’ve been busy this month! (Ha, I wrote this Christmas Day but waited on some photos to post.)

I’ll start today with the leather ornament I made for my dad.  He loves Colorado, lived there for a few years, but visits quite often with my mom, I think they just went for their anniversary this fall.  They love hiking and the mountains and the aspen trees, so I made him an aspen leaf!


It was tricky to cut out the intricate shape, but carving the veins and wrinkles in the leaf was pretty hard to mess up, there’s not much order to some of the lesser veins. Here’s a progress shot before I added any dyes.

photo 1

I had fun using multiple dyes to give it a gradient look, like it was changing to the beautiful reds and oranges that aspen leaves are able to show off.


He loved the gift, and it surprisingly went perfect with the other gift he received from my mom, a canvas print to hang in their house of a photo she took on their last visit to Colorado.

And here’s a photo of an aspen leaf they took, in case you’ve never seen one up close. Great photos mom!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f07/55121302/files/2014/12/img_1649.jpgSee other Christmas ornaments I made here, here, and here.



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