Mary and Jesus Ornament

Another Christmas ornament I made this year is of Mary holding baby Jesus.  I had never carved a face before and was pretty nervous, ha, I didn’t even tell Mark what I was attempting before I saw it turned out okay. But I gave one to my mom, and to a few other close girlfriends who have young children of their own.


My three year old was fascinated and asked if we could keep one, so I guess I still need to make one more. I also have a listing on our etsy shop for one if anyone is interested, although i realize Christmas is past. They’ll save till next year, or make a great late Christmas present to someone special.

Here’s a progress shot before I added the 2

And here it is again with the different shades and a purple ribbon.


See other Christmas ornaments I made here, here, and here.


2 thoughts on “Mary and Jesus Ornament

  1. Hi, Christina! This is Marthann (Mrs. Ashcraft’s sister) . She let me see the leather ornaments on her fb page that you had made. I would love to order some for NEXT Christmas–no rush. Please let me know if that would be possible. Thank You, and may God bless this creative effort for His Glory. They are truly beautiful! P.S. I will need to order 8.


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