Handmade Leather Belt

My biggest project this month was to hand tool my first leather belt.  A good friend who I’ve known for years and years and played ultimate frisbee with for a loooong time commissioned me to make a belt for her husband for Christmas. After playing with many ideas of different interests of his and things they share, we focused on his love for baseball, and his family. Forgive any improper baseball terms I use here, but the design has a batter swinging a bat which has the initials of his kids with the year they were each born. He’s hitting a baseball with my friend and her husbands initials, and then there is a pitcher who has just thrown the ball.  I have to say, it was quite a challenge to come up with something so linear as a long narrow belt, compared to other things I’ve tooled. But I’m thrilled with the end result, and hope they are too!

IMG_6969 20141220_085905 20141220_085918 20141220_085933

Here’s a couple shots of it being worn. Ha, my neighbors looked in the front window early morning right when we were taking this, I felt silly because to them I’m sure it looked like I was taking a picture of my husbands behind…IMG_6961 20141220_090155 IMG_6958 IMG_6959

And here’s a couple detail shots. First one of the baseball laces, second of one of the years. 20141220_085646 20141220_085755


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