Leather Razor Case

My brother is a navy pilot, I’m so proud of him. Over Christmas he asked if I could make a razor case with maybe a personalized monogram on it. He didn’t have a specific monogram in mind, and when I asked him again later he texted me this image saying “if you find something that looks good that’s fine with me. Or there’s always this.”

It’s his Navy Wings of Gold. And that’s what I went with, way more interesting than a monogram if you ask me. And much more to be proud of.


Here’s a progress shot of the wings before the stain was applied. I had to simplify the design a little to carve it, it’s only about 1 1/2″ across, so tiny.

I had a few challenges with this project. After taking some measurements at Christmas and planning the design, I didn’t actually have the razor in my possession to check the fit. Also, stitching it was pretty tricky because there was not much room to work, I had to stitch it really loosely and pull it all together at the end.

And here’s a picture he sent me in its new home, he says it’s a great fit.



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