Hand Painted Minions

Our kids have been on a Despicable Me kick lately, they especially like the minions. They have a Ferris wheel toy where the little guys we call weebles jump up and come around this little ramp. We have been talking about turning them into minions for a while, and again I went to bed before Mark the other night and woke up to these guys.


Here they are on their Fisher Price Ferris Wheel.IMG_4324.JPG
Of course there’s one rogue purple minion.


He was proud to remember to paint one with two eye colors.

Our 3 year old even set them up to watch the minions mini movies tonight. (Please excuse the poor quality photo. Who am I kidding, half my photos are this bad and taken with my phone… Please excuse my poor photography skills/lack of time and effort.)

*He used acrylic paint and sprayed on a clear coat for protection. This stunk a lot and we had to let them air out a couple days before handing them over to the kids. I probably wouldn’t let a baby who still puts things in their mouth use them, since they could probably manage to chew off the paint.

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway for a handmade leather necklace. Without saying how many people have entered already, your odds of winning are still REALLY high…


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