Leather Wallet Update

Surprise surprise, Mark wants to change something and make it look better. He actually intentionally didn’t let me seal his wallet until he was sure he liked the coloring on it, and tinkered with it a couple evenings in a row, and then got brave and put an antique over the whole thing.


There’s still subtle variations of color, but it has a much more even tone, making it look more sophisticated I think.


He also dyed the inside of the wallet so it isn’t so light anymore.  He said he was happy this shot shows his full allowance, instead of $2 or something like last time. 🙂


Also, here’s a sketch of his original design, I forgot to include it in the first wallet post. Which way do you like the wallet dyed better? Or do you even notice a difference? I’m curious to hear your opinion.   2015-02-11 22.10.52


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