Pajama Pants and a Purse

It all started with me getting my sewing machine out to brush up on my sewing skills before attempting to teach a good friend how to sew.  Well 3 separate days of snow and a few sniffly kids kept us from getting together, and well my sewing machine was out, so I kept on sewing.  The kids and I all have blue matching mushroom flannel pajama pants now, I’m almost done with converting an old dress shirt of Mark’s into a toddler dress, but most importantly, I have a new purse. I used a thick fabric leftover from covering our ottomans for the exterior, some scraps from a quilt and a floral square I had on hand for the interior. It’s all machine washable, which is so important these days, heck I already poured a bag of Doritos inside and it’s only been a week. I didn’t follow a pattern, just found a picture online of a shape I liked and winged it.  Surprisingly it turned out without any mistakes.  (I’m not going to tell you how many seams I ripped out for the pajama pants, or that one of my pockets is too small to fit my hand in so I cut them out too…) So pleased to have a new bag big enough for a diaper, wipes, and snacks, and squishable enough to shove in a diaper bag for longer outings.

IMG_0096My favorite part about making my own purse is how I can completely customize the pockets on the inside. I added a zipper pocket, a phone pocket, a gum pocket, a spot for a pen, and a larger pocket for whatever else I want to quickly find instead of rummage around the bottom for.

purse-insideI made the strap adjustable because I like wearing it over one shoulder.  This was also my first time putting in a magnetic closure, and it was really easy once I went back to the store for some heavy interfacing.  I just love the detail on the front too, I used some bright green thread for accent. IMG_0099bIMG_0100b



Oh, forgot to show the pj pants, here’s a couple shots. Mickey Mouse and a truck insisted on being in the photo too. And yes the baby’s toes are painted pink, no she’s not thrilled about it anymore, but she’s even more against the remover…

IMG_0104 photo (10)


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