DIY Children’s Growth Chart

Growing up I remember all 5 of us measuring our heights on the wall in the garage as we got taller each year.  It was always so exciting to see if we were catching up to our older sibling, or who was taller at what age, so I’ve known for a while I’ve wanted a growth chart for our kids. It’s taken me a while to make one (three years to be exact) because I couldn’t decide how I wanted to make it, but finally decided on an old fence board from the garage. This way we can bring it from house to house if we move, but it’s still sturdier than so many of the paper or ribbon ones you see on pinterest or even pottery barn. We sanded and stained the board, then meticulously drew the tic marks for the ruler with a sharpie.  Back and forth on ideas for how to draw the numbers, Mark outlined them with sharpie and colored them with colored pencils. IMG_0247 IMG_0243

Really, the numbers especially turned out better than I had imagined and I’m so pleased.  We screwed it to the walls so it’s quite secure, and our kiddos measure themselves daily right now, so it’s safe to say they like it too. Also, thrilled that by using supplies we already had on hand, this was a free to us project. IMG_0245

IMG_0242Do you have a growth chart for your kids? I’d love to know what kind you use.


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