Toddler Sundress Romper

I had some leftover fabric from the quilt I just made, and decided to sew a romper for our two year old while the kids were napping last weekend.  Well that turned into another naptime, another evening, and I’m not even going to tell you how many times I tore out seams and adjusted the piece, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I used this pattern for the top, and this pattern for the shorts.  I think that was my first mistake though, shouldn’t have tried to combine patterns. The top ran big, the shorts ran small, and I had to add about 3″ to the length in the waist. Since I was using cotton I didn’t bother cutting the shoulder ties on a diagonal. I actually started with using premade bias tape but didn’t like how thick it was and had to rip it out anyways for sizing issues, so went ahead and swapped it and am really happy I did.

  I think my favorite part is the piping at the neckline. Ha, it was also the easiest part, since I didn’t ever have to rip it out! The front looks exactly like the back, didn’t get any good pictures from that direction today.And here’s big brother giving an impromptu hug waiting for the mailman. Some days they can be so sweet…

I apologize for not posting as frequently recently, I’m playing and helping coach a women’s ultimate frisbee team this year and it’s been pretty time consuming so far. Totally worth it and an absolute blast, I just haven’t had quite as much time/energy for the blog and crafts. But I’m still here, and have a couple other projects in the works so will be back soon.  


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