Dinosaur Tails

At costco the other day they had a steal of a deal on kids slippers. I had been meaning to make some to wear in the house, but $7 is worth my time and supplies for sure.  We went home with one pink pony pair and one dinosaur feet pair.  On the drive, our almost 4 year old (what?!) informed me that I was going to make a dinosaur costume to go with them, with a head, and arms, and legs… Well I convinced him with a photo to let me make him a tail first, then we’d talk about the rest.  I loosely followed these instructions using fleece and cotton I had in my basket, and he has been stomping through the house since.

photo 1

His dinosaur feet also squished all my costco boxes, and his swinging tail loves to knock us to the ground in fits of giggles.  Then this morning he was a knight in his cardboard “castle” fighting the dragon with swords and snowballs.

photo 2

His favorite book to read today is Gigantosaurus by Jonny Duddlee because his feet are an exact match (we love the illustrations), and I convinced him to rest at naptime with a bribe to watch people in cardboard dinosaur costumes like this afterwards.  I’m secretly hoping he’ll ask me to make one.

I’m sure he’ll be tired of playing dinosaurs soon, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.


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