Kids Christmas Coupons – With Free Printable

Last night Mark made some coupons for the kids to give at Christmas.  Of course he goes above and beyond my initial expectation, the coupon number is even the date of Christmas this year!  20151222_203147_1.jpg

It was funny to watch him make them, because he kept asking me things like “should it say cupcake party or bake cupcakes or cupcake date” to which my answer every time was “OUR KIDS CAN’T READ YET.”


I hope they’ll enjoy them, and somewhat understand the idea instead of cashing them all in immediately on Christmas morning.

A few might be pretty specific, but if you need some last minute coupons to print and give, here’s a printable.  One for boys and one for girls.  Print on 8 1/2″ x 11″ and trim off the excess.




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