Stain Glass Window Luggage Tag

Another new design we came up with for a Christmas present was a stained glass window on a luggage tag.


I had been stuck on an idea for days, and asked Mark if he had any.  Of course he did, I don’t know if he ever runs out of them. He pulled out an early concept sketch he had done for a stained glass window design for the Church of the Incarnation, one of our architecture firm’s current projects under construction. This makes it an extra special design in my eyes, because it’s a building we have both worked on and helped create.

photo (1)


Mark’s parents, the recipients of the gift, loved them so much there was mention of super gluing them to their luggage so they wouldn’t ever get lost. 🙂

If you like this, check out the other items in this series in our etsy shop: a bracelet, a journal cover, and a business card holder/slim wallet.


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