Leather Journal Cover

Do you ever start a project, wondering how it will turn out, and then by the end can’t believe what you’ve made and are so glad you tried pushing yourself? That’s what this project was for me, as my first journal cover and some pretty detailed tooling.

I continued the design from the stained glass window luggage tags that were inspired from a current architecture project of ours. I almost don’t want to give this one up. As all our pieces, it is hand cut, hand tooled, dyed by hand, and saddle stitched together for durability.


The pen holder acts as a lock to keep it shut when not in use. The journal inside is easily replaceable so should last for years and years.


Here’s some process shots, starting with the sketch that got transferred to the leather.


Cut into the leather and ready to tool:IMG_6769

Had to stop and play with the kids for a bit. You can see some of the tools I use to make various impressions into the leather:


Ready for dye:


And just one more final shot:


This journal cover is for an auction benefiting a catholic hybrid school that a few of my friends teach at and send their kids to. It’s not till April, but I’ll let you know if I am able to share the online bidding info when we get closer to the date.

Check out the other items in this series in our etsy shop: a bracelet, set of luggage tags, and business card holder/slim wallet.



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