Homemade Dollhouse

We have wanted to make a dollhouse for our almost three year old daughter for a while, and this past week we finally did! 

We had some scrap wood from a bookcase I made in college, but it had weird notches in it (so I could take it apart and put it in my car every time I moved). It pretty much dictated the size, and that’s why it has some different connections around the outside. We sawed everything by hand, had the kids help us paint, and made some temporary furniture for until she gets some for her birthday from Mimi. The dolls she got from my aunt for Christmas, and I just love how happy they look, because they are always throwing their hands in the air with joy. 

It was cute when she was helping/watching us make it, she kept running inside the house to check and see what color our kitchen was, or what our bathroom looked like. The wood floors and shower tiles actually match our house, there were random leftovers in the garage when we move in years ago. The kids other favorite part is the toilet of course. It and the sink are made from some random shapes we found at michaels and glued together.

She insisted her room be hot pink with a light pink ceiling, (thankfully those colors don’t match our actual house), and Mark made a bunk bed because they are fascinated with them and talk all the time about when they can have one. The headboards are wood floor samples and all the blankets/rugs are upholstery samples, Mark has been collecting discontinued ones from the office that would otherwise be thrown away, one of the perks of being an architect. 

Ultimately we’ll put some more details like paint pictures on walls and I want the alphabet magnets on the fridge, but for now she’s happy with it. She even invited two of our neighborhood friends who happened to be in astronaut costumes over to watch a show. 🙂

Maybe in a few months I’ll post an update of the details and new furniture.  


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