Woodland Animals Baby Shower

Finally getting around to posting some photos, but a few weeks ago we threw my little sister a baby shower. We picked the theme woodland forest animals to match the bedding she and her husband picked out, so tada, here’s a bunch of photos. Big thanks to Becca for helping with so so much (couldn’t have done it without you) and to my mom for all her help as well. 


The kids helped me watercolor coffee filters to make this banner. It’s not the first time we’ve made one, original idea came from here
Isn’t this the cutest fruit you’ve ever seen? Thanks mom. 

Ikea happened to have the perfect stuffed animals. The owl is a puppet and the hedgehog squeaks. 

 Our almost three year old painted this (with surprisingly 0minimal help from Mark), it is the first non-pink painting she’s ever made. She sure loves to paint! 
All the graphics on the food name tags and favors are from Welivedhapilyeverafter, who so generously shares her graphics for free. I used photoshop to size them and add the text I wanted.   


Now to just wait for that cute squishy baby to arrive!


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