Sewing a Dress


I guess this spring weather is making me happy, because I’ve been thinking a lot about dresses, and how I should wear them more often, like at least to church, because I so rarely do.  It’s been really hard to find any I’ve liked in stores this season for some reason, so I decided to make one! I stopped by joann’s yesterday with the kids, hoping to find a knit that wasn’t see through, that my 3 yr old daughter liked too, so I could make matching dresses for us.  (Ha, I’m secretly jealous every time my husband and son get to wear matching sweaters and stuff.) Well, she only wanted hot pink, the only knits that weren’t see through were $19 a yard, and racing time before the kids exploded from skipping naps, we left the store empty handed. I was a little disappointed, but decided to figure out a pattern before I invested in the fabric. So last night when my husband sat down to work for a bit, I looked through my fabric stash and found 2 yards to play around with. I used this super helpful tutorial, but it only has a not to scale sketch for the pattern, so I traced around a dress I already have to help cut the right size/shapes.  I decided the pleats were a little much, and I didn’t have that much fabric anyways, so sewed pleats closer to this style. So here it is, ignore the sloppy ponytail and no makeup, I’m telling you I need to work more on the looking nice department..


There was a point during the dress construction that I was pretty nervous for it, I hadn’t hemmed it so it was mid calf and sleeves to the elbows, I showed Mark and told him it reminded me too much of a nun dress.  The hems really helped though, and I enjoy the exposed brass zipper.

IMG_0637Overall I am surprised how well it turned out, I’ve messed up big time on sewing some stuff with no patterns in the past.  It’s a little tight when I raise my arms, but I’m thinking when I make another with a knit it’ll be much more forgiving.  It took about 2 1/2 hrs start to finish, and maybe only tore out 4 seams which is good for me. Ha, I tend to rush and not think too clearly past 10pm.

Anyone have a suggestion on a favorite knit to buy for my next try? I’m thinking I’m going to have to buy a neutral color/pattern and sew a big pink flower on my daughter’s to get her to wear it, otherwise it won’t even be competition for her other flowery flowy easter dresses.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this dress. I’m hoping I actually wear it occasionally now…


4 thoughts on “Sewing a Dress

  1. You could use 2 colors of fabric, a neutral (primarily for you) and a bright color (primarily) for your daughter). You can have a splash of color near the waist of your daughter’s fabric (pink, purple,etc) and your daughter can have a waist “belt” with the neutral color. Then a flower with both colors of fabric near a hip.


  2. Nice! If this is your first time drafting a dress, I am duly impressed. If you want some critique, there’s one thing I’d change: the way your folds are facing. Have the folds facing your sides, both in back and front. That would leave the center back on top, which is visually more appealing.
    I think the last issue of threads magazine had an article on fitting arms to make room for movement. You might want to check that out, if not making the dress in a knit will just magically solve it all. But really, it’s a lovely dress. Well done!


    1. Haha, whoops! I actually had the pleats facing correctly when I pinned it, and had to adjust it while seeing and made them backwards, thanks for the catch! I will check out the article on fitting arms for sure. Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement! And yes, it’s my first time sewing a dress with no pattern so I’m pleased too. 🙂

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