Crucifixion Journal

Mark has been asking for a while for me to make him a journal cover.  I hinted at it on instagram a few weeks ago, but finally got around to finishing it.  It has an image of the crucifixion on the front, wrapping around to the back.


Mark dyed it himself, giving it the color variations to make the image stand out.  As always, it is hand stitched as well. Here’s a progress shot after the dye, before being stitched up.


Inside, he wanted it to hold a small moleskin journal on one side and some fancy index cards he has a stack of from work.  It has a locking pen holder to keep it from opening up while in a bag.


It’s a pretty small journal cover as you can tell from the scale of the pen.  I really like the curves on the inside, normally I’d use a straight piece there but wanted him to be able to write on a notecard without pulling them out.

I love coming up with new designs. It’s refreshing to make something completely new, but also because once I figure out how to portray an image in leather, it opens up the door to so many possibilities because I can tool it on other items as well (wallets, coasters, ornaments, etc).


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